About Swan Ways Celebrate your inner empress

Swan Ways evolved out of my lifelong love affair with the Napoleonic epic and its incomparable Empress, Josephine. It began when I was eleven or twelve years old on a hot summer afternoon at my grandfather’s “estancia” in Argentina. Looking among old books in his musty library, I came across a copy of the first French edition of Emil Ludwig’s masterful biography of Napoleon. I was mesmerized! I still have that first book, one of my most treasured possessions. Hundreds of books and many years later, the romance and grandeur of the Empire resonate with me as in that first afternoon.My fascination with the arts and styles of the Imperial Court was refined during my years in France. Living in Paris and later in Bordeaux, I took every opportunity to attend exhibits, auctions, performances and any event that could quench my thirst for knowing more about that fascinating period. Once back in the States, I began to think how I could turn my passion into a venture that would reflect the grace, elegance, luxury and refinement of Napoleon’s beguiling Empress, Josephine. Swan Ways is the result.

Swan Ways, Alix