“The Eagle” Scarf

“The Eagle” Scarf

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“The Eagle” scarf celebrates the legendary love story of Napoleon I (1769-1821), Emperor of the French, and his incomparable empress, Josephine (1763-1815). The design brings together a rich tapestry of imperial symbolism and the Napoleonic legend.


  • Made in France.
  • 100% finest-quality silk.
  • Dry clean only.

Product Description

The centerpiece in this “The Eagle” Scarf is a golden eagle, a Roman symbol of power and independence adopted by Napoleon to represent the new French Empire. It is set against a royal blue background dotted with golden bees, chosen by Napoleon as one of the imperial emblems. Golden bees were found in the tomb of King Childeric I, King of the Franks, in the fifth century A.D., so by adopting this emblem Napoleon associated his rule with the earliest French kings. The border is framed by laurel wreaths, a symbol of the god Apollo in Greek mythology, and a Roman symbol of military victory. The sides feature insignias of the Légion d’Honneur, established by Napoleon to reward service to the nation, and the iconic imperial monogram, the upper case “N.” The corners have other major symbols of Napoleonic lore: the mythical hat, a pair of swans, and a coin with the double profile of Napoleon and the empress Josephine. The swan, a favorite emblem of the empress, represents fidelity and grace. The most elegant of creatures, the swan can both fly and swim and mates for life. With its beautiful long neck and regal deportment, the swan is a perfect symbol of feminine seduction, and of the woman who was Napoleon’s only great love.

10 reviews for “The Eagle” Scarf

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    Your scarf is just spectacular! Aileen Pisciotta, Esq., Falls Church, Virginia
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    I think that your design is awesome and very complete. I think it would look great in a poster since it is a real work of art. Excellent work!!! Victor Ponto, Las Vegas and Monaco
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    It’s really beautiful! I love it! Thanks so much. Ricky Mabon, New York City
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    I received the scarf today – it is so beautiful! Kathy Castiello, Potomac, MD
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    Magnifique, superbe, l’elegance personnifiée, only French words can describe how impressed I was by that glorious Napoleonic scarf which you so lovingly and cleverly designed – watch out, Hermès! It is exquisite in quality and design, it belongs in the Pantheon of all-time elegant scarves. Chapeau….. Claudine Mahin, Alexandria, VA
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    …The EAGLE arrived yesterday along with the lovely soap…The scarf is more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined! Justine Price, Chicago, Illinois
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    You’ve produced a beautiful piece of work. People stop and stare and ask, “Tell me about your elegant scarf!” Ah, yes, celebrating my inner empress!” Mims Placke, Arlington, Virginia
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    These scarves are not only beautiful they are also linked to interesting historical figures and events! Picture yourself dining with Napoleon! Miriam Joyce, Chicago, Illinois
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    …another big Thank You – I bought the Eagle scarf from my fiancée for Christmas and we both loved it! Marc Heyhoe, New Jersey
  10. 5 out of 5


    Great Scarf! It is not only beautiful but also high quality. Easy to travel with, doesn't wrinkle! Anna, Westfield, MA

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