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Inspired by the romantic spirit of the First Empire and its Empress, Josephine, Swan Ways offers sophisticated women fashion accessories characterized by the highest quality of materials, exquisite workmanship, and timeless appeal.

Swan Ways has launched a private-label collection of silk scarves. The inaugural scarf, titled “The Eagle”, pays tribute to Napoleon I, Emperor of the French. It features a golden eagle centered on a royal blue background and brings together a rich iconology from the French First Empire.

Available for immediate shipment at our Shop Now page.

The core of Swan Ways’ collection is an exclusive line of handcrafted shawls of the finest cashmere, wools, and silks. Many are one-of-a kind pieces featuring complex hand embroidery, hand woven textiles, and unique details. Indeed, some of the shawls in the collection will become cherished heirloom pieces!

A woman wearing a Swan Ways shawl radiates an aura of mystery and romance, while enjoying warmth and comfort. A shawl provides freedom and grace of movement, suppleness, versatility, and individuality. It is an inspired blend of East and West, revolution and empire, ethnic traditions and Parisian chic. It is only fitting that it became the fashion statement of that most elegant of women, the Empress Josephine.